“We are Syrian families demanding freedom for all of the country's sons and daughters. Our position is against enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention by the Syrian regime and all parties to the conflict.” -- The Families for Freedom

The Families for Freedom are led by five women bravely breaking the silence to free not just their loved ones but every Syrian from the pain of detention and disappearance.

On Thursday the warring sides in Syria and their international backers will meet in Geneva to try and talk peace. What’s not on their agenda is the more than 100,000 peaceful Syrians facing torture in the country’s dungeons for just wanting a better future for their country.

A group of Syrian relatives of detainees are leading a call to all the negotiators, to come and participate in a moment of silence in solidarity with the disappeared and detained in Syria’s jails.

Amnesty International’s report this month documenting the mass executions in detention reached front pages around the world. Together let’s help this push this issue of freedom for detainees up the political agenda. By stopping the negotiations and standing with these inspiring women in front of the world’s media, negotiators from all sides will be sending a clear message that releasing detainees is a key to ending this conflict.

Who are the Families for Freedom?

"We are Syrian families demanding freedom for all of our country's sons and daughters.

These demands are not just for our own families, but for every Syrian family with a detainee.

Our position is against enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention by the Syrian regime and all parties to the conflict.

We want to mobilise the public to pressure all sides to comply with our demands.

We will continue to expand our collective effort to include the largest number of families, regardless of their affiliations."

More on the event in Geneva: https://www.facebook.com/events/274087479693289/


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Meet the Families for Freedom, Join Their Silent Protest

To Syrian peace negotiators and their backers: Show that freeing detainees is a real priority for peace. Pause the negotiations at 1pm on Thursday in Geneva and come outside to join the Families for Freedom in a moment of silence.

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