In less than 24 hours, rich countries will decide the fate of thousands of Syria's most vulnerable refugees. Leaders are gathering in Geneva to make official pledges for the number of Syrians they will resettle. Together we can make sure those numbers are as high as possible.

Politicians are hoping to make these decisions quietly behind closed doors -  the last thing they want is public attention on their weak commitments. But if enough of us email them directly, they’ll know our eyes are on them as they decide how generous they'll be.

The people looking for safe haven are some of the worst affected by the crisis. They include unaccompanied children, survivors of torture and people at high risk of sexual violence.

Even the slipperiest politicians don’t want to be seen as the bad guys raising barriers to those fleeing the horrors of civil war. Use the tool on the right to contact decision-makers directly. Every email counts. Every extra Syrian resettled means one less refugee risking their life to cross the Mediterranean sea in what’s nicknamed “the trip of death”.

We know this works. Last month, we flooded Italian decision-makers with messages, persuading them to stop blocking a ban on jet fuel used to drop barrel bombs on civilians. One of the governments involved in the negotiations said our action was “decisive”. So please, take the few minutes out of your day to make sure as many lives are changed as possible. 

You can edit the email and explain why this issue is important to you - the more personal the message, the more powerful it'll be!

Along with Oxfam and others we're asking rich countries to resettle 5% of Syrian refugees with each country taking their fair share. Here's the full Oxfam report.

The Syria Campaign

Update: Promises to Refugees

Governments failed the Syrian people at the UNHCR pledging conference on December 9. Faced with stories of horror we can only imagine and the needs of millions, leaders shook their heads and kept their barriers up, agreeing to resettle only 5,663 new refugees - bringing the total of refugee resettlements by European countries to a shameful 1% of the total 3.3 million people.

Some publicly welcomed the results. We don't agree. As the Turkish representative in the room said, the total number of Syrians in Europe is the number we received in three days”. We’ll continue pushing European governments to meet their responsibilities toward Syrian refugees - both in terms of resettlement and funding. To get alerts from future campaigns, sign up to The Syria Campaign now. 

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