UPDATE: Rami has been released! Thank you everyone for the support.

Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah was arrested by Turkish authorities on Tuesday. We don’t know why he was arrested -- we only know he was questioned about his press work.

Rami has risked his life to report from under the bombs in Syria and tell the world the truth about the war crimes being perpetrated against civilians. He has been outspoken about abuses on all sides, including Russia and Isis. Since the beginning of the uprising, he has pursued the truth in the belief that this was the surest way to freedom and justice.

Rami should not be behind bars. Rami should be free to continue serving his country and the region.

Sign the petition and call on Turkish authorities to release him immediately.

Several weeks ago, The Syria Campaign teamed up with Rami to do a live broadcast from inside Aleppo so that people inside the city could share their experiences with the world.

You can check out some of his brilliant work on Twitter and Instagram

The Syria Campaign

Thank you - Rami is free!

Huge thanks to everyone who pressured for his release, Rami is now free. You can still add your details below to be alerted for future campaigns.

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